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Searching and Applying for Diploma and Degree Courses in Singapore Made Easy

With a plethora of school and course options, Singapore's private education landscape is diverse and well-developed. Faced with overwhelming choices, students are inevitably having trouble processing and evaluating information on all the education providers available in order to make a fully informed decision on their educational path. Furthermore, potential applicants have to deal with an antiquated application process with each school, further exacerbating their inconvenience. 



Here are the reasons why finding schools and courses in Singapore is so time consuming.


1. An array of choices


For a small country like Singapore, it is an intriguing fact that we have more than 300 private education providers. This is not including the local junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. Other than the better known providers, students local and especially overseas will find it daunting to search for much less evaluate all the choices available to them. This is a disservice to students as they should at the very least know what their options are.


2. Limited marketing dollars


It is not a secret that Singapore education providers are finding it difficult to keep their doors open as more and more students flood to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, China as their government ramp up efforts to be recognised as the new educational hubs in Asia and the general lower cost of living. Faced with intense local and overseas competition, schools have to cut back their spending on marketing which will further limit their reach to potential students. 


3. Tedious application process


Many private education providers in Singapore do not have a robust online platform for students to apply for their courses directly. Students either have to go through a student agent or go down to the physical administrative office to submit their applications. With the proliferation of smart devices and internet connectivity combined with the online savviness of potential students, the current application process is not viable anymore. There needs to be an entire overhaul to streamline the application process to meet the expectations of these students.



The glaring gaps in the industry are exactly why there is a need to have a direct course application platform for students to apply to the course of their choice. A platform like SchoolBuzz nimbly consolidates all the information required by a potential student on a single platform and streamlines the application process into a singular channel, cutting out most of the hassle associated with applying for education courses. 



Once students have narrowed down their choices, they would no longer have to face the tedious process of applying and submitting documents to each school individually. SchoolBuzz allows the submission of application forms and supporting documents to our partner schools for admission purposes, so students can complete all their applications via our online platform simultaneously. 


To add to that, similar to a traditional student agent, we provide educational advice to students to steer them in the right direction. We work with numerous private schools in Singapore as it is free to market on our platform which exponentially expands the choices available to our users. 


The habits, behaviour and expectations of young students in and coming to Singapore have changed and are still rapidly changing. The old process of reaching out to students and having them apply for courses is not as effective as before. There needs to be a combined effort by private schools in Singapore to take advantage of channels that serve this modern forward thinking group of young people. 


Source: Guest Post by, a diploma and degree online platform that partners with more than 40 schools in Singapore offering more than 1000 courses of all levels and across a wide range of subjects on our platform.