Job Information
From Aug 2017 , For At Least 1 Month
( Intern )
Graduate , Internship
Company Snapshot
Banking / Financial Services
21 - 50 Employees
Job Responsibilities

Find out if an entrepreneurial business environment is suitable for you.

Over the one month program, you will be able to identify your unique strengths, build self-awarenss and how to align your personality to achieve success.

Build 3 key desirable skills for your future career growth in public or private organisations

  • Ability to work in teams
  • Ability to accept and improve from constructive criticism
  • Ability to communicate verbally and effectively

Top 3 key responsibilities

  1. Learn to build and design financial portfolio for working professionals
  2. Attachment to Senior advisors for client consultation experience
  3. Understand customer journey experience and building a personal brand
Job Requirements

Prior work experiece is not required and we welcome candidates from all educational disciplines.

Most importantly, we are looking for individuals with the following attributes:

  • Has initiative
  • Has strong work ethic
  • Is adaptable and eager to learn

Please send in your CV if you are interested and we will get in touch if you are shortlisted.

Company Overview

Our team's vision is to create A Better Financial Future for our clients and our team members. With our emphasis on professional, character and leadership development, we empower advisors who value clients’ interest above self, to serve as a bridge to help our clients achieve financial security for life.

Why Join Us?

You are rewarded not only because you have completed a business deal. You walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment knowing that you have actually helped a person and a family. It is an effort that will go a long way. Your sincerity earns you the appreciation from your clients. Indeed, they have become friends with you. If such is a career that you can feel a sense of ownership with, we are the right partners who can help you with achievements that a typical employment may not be able to offer.

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Advertised: 20 - Jun - 17