Writing Your Internship Resume

Having shortlisted the internships that you are keen on applying for, the next step would be to prepare your resume. Your resume is like a personal marketing tool in the application process because it is the document that your prospective employer will use to form the first detailed impression of you.
If you are feeling lost about writing your resume, not to worry. We have compiled for you a list of tips on how to write a good resume for current or recently graduated students in "How to Write a Resume" under the General Career Guidance section.
Writing Effective Resumes: General Tips for Current Students or New Graduates
A Quick Summary:
  • Start by brainstorming a list of important learning experiences and accomplishments.
  • In your descriptions, focus on how you added value to the team/project.
  • Quantify your accomplishments.
  • Tailor your resume to each application.
  • Consider including a career objective if you are clear and focused about your career goals.
  • Consider writing an executive summary (as an alternative to the career objective), which is like an elevator pitch describing your strengths and motivations.
  • Don't include your hobbies/interests.
Writing Internship Resumes
In this section, we talk specifically about writing internship resumes and how they may differ from the usual job resumes.
Internship resumes may differ slightly from the usual job-oriented resume in these ways:
Internship resumes may have more content about school-related accomplishments.
Most internship applicants do not have much prior work experience. Hence, most internship resumes would focus more on academic background and other school-related accomplishments than the usual job resume.
TIP: The bottom-line is that the more you find that you have little professional experience (especially for first- or second-year students), the more you can buffer your resume by including more details on school-related achievements and accomplishments. For example, include information about your degree and expected date of graduation, certificates or qualifications that you may have, as well as any awards or academic achievements. You may also want to include more details about co-curricular activities and accomplishments, as well as community involvement.
Your goals are different.
When applying for an internship job in Singapore, your goal is to have a learning experience, as opposed to seeking a full-time position and salary.
TIP: The only section in your resume that may turn out different for this reason would be the career objective. For example, you may want to include your motivations for seeking the particular internship experience. Note, however, that experts have differing opinions about whether the career objective is a helpful section in the resume; we suggest that you carefully consider whether and how to write it. (Read Tip #5 of "How to Write a Resume" for more details about writing the career objective.) Our suggestion is that you could write these goals and motivations into your Cover Letter for internship if you are sending one out.
Aside from these minor differences, writing a good internship resume should not be too dissimilar from how a student or recent graduate would write a job-oriented resume.

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