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I've done sales since I was at the age of 13 where I sold Christmas trees at what was then known as "SOGO" which is now called Raffles City. That experience was a short lived when the HR of SOGO realised that I had not met with the minimum work age requirements which at that time was 15. Suffice to say, it had kicked started my learning in what makes a sale work.

Slightly more than a decade later, I landed in the extremely specialised medical industry where I spent more than 10 years, mostly doing medical sales and training. Thankfully from my experience as a young sales person back when I was 13, it helped me understand that a connection must first take place before a quality sale. This simple but effective principle help me succeed as a medical sales professional.

Case study:

I could still remember when I first joined Covidien (Now known as Medtronic, the largest MNC in the world after the merger with Covidien), I was given the opportunity to grow the Varicose Veins business with the private surgeons in Singapore. When I first started I was, talked down, ignored and wasn't given much attention with the Vascular surgeons. As I persisted, every chance I got to be with them was an opportunity to connect and collect specific information which would help me build rapport, secure another appointment and connect again.

One such case was with Dr Chia, who didn't like change but because I consistently connected with him and updated him on the actions I've taken on his needs that I've collected he didn't hesitate to switch to my products when my competitors didn't perform.

Following that, assisting him during his surgeries gave me a greater opportunity to understand his preferences which allowed me to connect with him on a deeper level and the rest was history.

Before leaving the company, most of my prospects who once didn't want to see me or use my products became loyal customers and all based on the simple principle of the ability and a genuine desire to connect with people.

Going into the future:

Robots have been said to take more of our jobs but they can never replace our hearts. Now more than ever, learning to connect with people is what what sets extraordinary sales people apart from mediocre ones aka "product pushers". Actually if you think about it, all of us are doing sales, irregardless of our job description there is a need to sell our idea or our abilities but we can't sell effectively unless we know how to connect effectively.

So here's what I am doing now:

I conduct training and coaching to empower individuals to effectively connect with their audiences/prospects both on and off stage which enables long term professional relationship and customer loyalty.

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