• Choosing Your Part Time Job

    Students often do not think about the importance of choosing a suitable job when looking for part time work, especially if the ability to earn extra cash is foremost on their minds. In fact, choosing a suitable part time job crucial to being able to balance your work and study commitments well. Choose the wrong job, and you may find yourself struggling when the deadlines start coming in.
    What are some factors that you should look out for when looking for Part Time Jobs in Singapore for Students?
    We give you five tips on how to go about your job search.
    Look out for jobs with flexible hours/schedules.
    If you can, look for jobs with flexible hours. This is a significant advantage because it is often difficult to anticipate the time you need to complete a certain assignment or prepare for a particular test.
    Having a job with flexible hours will allow you to arrange your working schedule according to your availability in that particular week or day, which will come in very useful when you have deadlines round the corner.
    Look for good locations.
    Good location is another important factor for your part time job, as it can help you save precious time and energy on travelling.
    Look out for jobs that are near your school or your home; or even better, jobs that allow you to work from home/school.
    Try looking for work in your school.
    One huge plus of finding part time work in your school is the convenience; just hop over after lessons and you have reached your workplace. Another possible advantage: your employer may be more understanding towards your school commitments.
    Check your school email, ask around, search your school website, and you may be surprised to find that there are actually quite a number of opportunities to work part time in your university/polytechnic/etc. These could include research assistant positions, working in the writing centre, working in the international office etc.
    Find a job with a good balance between learning new things and doing what you are comfortable with.
    Would you like a job where you can contribute in the area of your strengths? Do you want to explore a field that is totally new to you?
    Even if your primary aim is to earn a salary, do think about these questions before or while embarking on your search, as it can make the difference between a job that gives you enriching learning experiences and one that feels like a burdensome chore.
    Be aware, though, that things may get challenging if you are struggling to figure things out at your part time work on top of managing your studies. On the other hand, doing a job that gives you hardly any room to learn may feel meaningless after a while.
    Our suggestion: try to find a balance between being able to learn new things and working within your comfort zone.
    Be conscientious in your search.
    Since holding a part time job for student in Singapore during the semester is a significant commitment, do be conscientious in your job search. If what you have found seems unsuitable on several counts, don't settle yet. Continue looking around for other options.
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